Fighting for Hoosiers to flourish and build thriving communities

Defending our Democracy and Rights

Our Democratic Republic and institutions are fundamental to protecting our freedoms, driving innovation and building personal wealth. For the past several years, the U.S. Constitution and laws of the land have been repeatedly attacked and degraded by our leaders. Legislators and citizens must show courage, stand up and hold public officials accountable for their actions, and protect the institutions that secure rights for all Americans and underpin American dynamism. Americans believe in personal freedoms, personal rights and personal responsibility. They do not want government telling them what to do with their personal lives. That includes their reproductive health, their choice of partner, and whether they want gender affirming health care, amongst other personal and private matters.

Hoosiers work hard and make many sacrifices. They deserve to have their government work efficiently and effectively on their behalf and to receive benefits hard earned. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid should be paid for without gamesmanship and for the long term. Dollars need to be committed to ensure agencies are well funded and well staffed to deliver efficiently and effectively for Hoosiers and Americans.

A new era of industrialization has begun under the Biden Administration. Hoosiers need to be at the table making decisions and having input into how their communities and natural resources are going to be impacted and used by industry. The voice and the wishes of the people must prevail.

Americans are compassionate people who care deeply for their fellow Americans. This commitment is seen in the extensive patchwork of fragmented programs developed over the decades to help Americans deal with different health crises. The current healthcare system, while one of the top in the world, can be difficult, intimidating and financially devastating to access and navigate for many Americans. It is also costly to manage due to its complexity, payment structure, eligibility requirements, and compliance rules. Americans would benefit from having a health insurance policy, untethered to an employer, in which they are automatically enrolled and guaranteed basic care, with the option to purchase additional or upgraded medical care or services. This benefit would give peace of mind to all Americans and be paid for with tax revenues designated by a healthcare budget created by Congress.

Global partnerships with few trade barriers and low-to-no tariffs offer great opportunities for U.S. producers and lower prices for manufacturers and Hoosiers. Hoosiers need international markets for their agriculture products and industrial and consumer products. International trade encourages collaboration on national security goals, adherence to international laws, and cooperation in solving global health challenges.

Hoosiers, Americans, and communities build, invest and thrive when they feel safe and secure from harm. It is a complex and tense world driven by technology and revolutionary machines of war. The United States needs to project stability and strength to counter the actions of global adversaries.